Artist Biography


Whilst David's background was in science and technology, he has always had a passionate interest in Art.  He spent his working life in education both in Scotland and overseas. 

His Art education comes from classes at Edinburgh College of Art, the ESW, the Printmakers workshop and the OCA  in this country.  He has lived in Brazil, Spain, UAE and Bahrain and has attended classes in these countries. 

He has drawn all his life and continues to attend life drawing classes. He has found  the graphic work of Paula Rego, Kathe Kollwitz  and Egon Schiele interesting.  

In sculpture he has worked in clay, plaster, metal and wood. The works of past masters like Smith, Brâncuși, Hepworth, Calder and Giacometti have all attracted  him.   As has the cass sculpture foundation at Goodwood which houses some of the most exciting names in British sculpture. 

In painting his preference is oil.  While having taken his style from no one artist or movement in particular, he has been drawn to the work of Ken Currie, Steven Campbell, Ian Hughes, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns and Georgia O'Keefe.  The list is never ending.  He continues to experiment.  

He has exhibited in charity events, with the Open College of the Arts, with the HCT in Dubai, and latterly in Edinburgh. 

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